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Enter key still a major problem. Need this fixed.

Question asked by slazer33 on Sep 28, 2011
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Enter key still a major problem. Need this fixed.


I posted this in the forum a little while ago but the only response directed me to a website which advocated downloading programs to change keyboard prompts. This problem ONLY affects me in Filemaker - otherwise my keyboard works fine. Usually shift+enter adds another space but lately even that is leading to a "flash" and simply moving me out of the text box. I use filemaker as a basic database - I don't do scripting or anything - but finding a way of using the enter key, or really any method of going from here

to here

would be really nice. Why is "enter" causing me to leave the field instead of adding a space?


I recently switched computers and I'm noticing that the "enter" key, which used to adequately leave a space between lines (for example, I like to leave an extra space between paragraphs when taking long notes, blog-style), on the new computer makes the whole program flash and leave the box I was currently writing in. Working on an HP, I now have to hold the fn key along with enter to get a new line. Similarly, making a selection from a drop-down box sent me to the next box (i.e. I did not have to tab over). Any idea on fixes would be much appreciated.