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enter multiple records in one layout

Question asked by AdamReed on Aug 28, 2010
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enter multiple records in one layout


Please forgive my inexperience...

I am trying to build a layout on which a person's name can be connected to a number of phone numbers.

I have two tables: "person" and "phone," there is a "person id" related to "phone id".  I have selected that new records may be created in the phone table through the relationship.

I have a layout with three instances of the phone fields (I've done this both as "insert field/control" and "insert portal", but regardless I can't seem to enter more than one phone.  Whatever I put in one of the fields displays in the other two (when really I want to indicate home, cell, business, etc.).

Again, I'm sure it's simple and appreciate any help.  I'm just starting out...