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Enter should save field.

Question asked by dataWolf on Oct 18, 2011
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Enter should save field.


I was doing some Useability testing and I noticed the user hit Enter to leave the field, which of course added an enter. So I when to layout but the only choice i find is to make it so enter goes to the next field but that is not what i want EITHER, and it confused the next user. What i want is for it to save/commit/validate.

I am using 11 and have begun using triggers what fun! so i guess i could set a trigger so that when i leave the field it GoToField(none) but i reckon sometimes they will want to press tab to yes go to the next field.

So how do i say "upon leaving this field by pressing return or pressing enter OR by not pressing tab) then GoToField(none)

If anyone knows how to test for "enter" or "return" I could probably take it from there...