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Enter Text in to Calculated Field

Question asked by NickLawrence on Nov 11, 2013
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Enter Text in to Calculated Field


     Hi all,

     I have 4 fields:

     Fees Due  -  % Due  - Role  - Total

     The amount is entered in to the Fees due, the % due is a look up and dependent on what is selected from a drop down menu in the role field and the total is a calculation (Fees Due * Role %)

     Fees Due = £1,00.00

     Role = Role 1 (% is 10%)

     % Due = 10%

     Total = (£1,000 * 10%) £100.00

     Problem is I have 2 roles that regardless of what the fee is they have a fixed rate so I need to know how to get the % Due field to  display 'Fixed' instead of the % amount and the calculation field to show the fixed amount (e.g. £200) rather than being empty. Alternatively I need to make the calculation field modifiable, so I can enter the £200 manually.

     Is there a way to do any or all of the above?

     Many thanks