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    Enter vs Return Key for validation



      Enter vs Return Key for validation


      I have a script trigger that will run when the field I am entering data into is validated ( see attached image) when enter data on my Mac numeric Key Pad and hit enter it works perfect, if I enter data on the keyboard or my PC Laptop or iPad using return key it set a carriage return. is there a way I can get the script to run when I hit either return or enter


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          Enter layout mode.

          Select the field.

          Go to the "Behavior" tab of the inspector and make sure that both "return" and "enter" options are selected.

          Please note that this will prevent you from entering two lines of text separated by a return in this field.

          Holding down the ctrl key while pressing the "QWERTY" enter key will enter the numeric keypad Enter character on many windows machines.

          I use that method on my Windows Laptop whenever I need to press that otherwise missing key on it's keyboard.

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            Duh.. I don't know how I missed that , thanks, I don't need to enter more than a single line of text usually only about 6 to 7 character