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Question asked by AnneHutchins on Jun 5, 2015


Entering & tracking recurring events


I haven't used FM for about 25 yrs (FM Pro 2). I now have a trial version in a secret attempt to create a solution for my boss which I will present to him and he will be dazzled and we'll get the proper version and I'll get a big pay rise.

I need to enter every time our horses are shod (every 5 weeks) and create a report on who is due for new shoes. I doubt entering individual events is the right way to go as I need FM to recognise when the last date entered is over 5 weeks ago and put those records into a report. However I do need to keep a record of all shoeing events for each horse. So, in a nutshell I need 2 things: a solution for entering the data and a solution for extracting when the last date entered is over 5 weeks from the current date.