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    Entering a portal in browse mode



      Entering a portal in browse mode


      I have FM Pro 9.0v3. I have used FM for several years, most recently using FM7. In FM9 I am not able (as I was in all previous versions) to enter a portal in browse mode by clicking in a field in the portal. I can add a new record into the portal using a script, but it won't let me go to a previous record to make a change. Not only that but the vertical scroll bar doesn't work. When I click anywhere in the portal, including the scroll bar, the entire portal darkens and stays dark until I let go of the clicker. And nothing happens. What gives??? Thanks for your help.

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          Hi AHMcCoy


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          Apart from the issues you describe, is the portal actually displaying related data? So is it working apart from you not being able to click into the fields? If this is the case have a look at the Behavior settings of the fields in the portal. 


          In Layout Mode click on the fields in question and go 'Format > Field/Control > Behavior...'


          Now when the Dialog pops up make sure 'In Browse mode' is ticked for the 'Allow field to be entered' options.


          This does not however explain the Vertical scroll bar issue, but without seeing how the relationship or the portal is setup it would be hard to tell.


          Let us know if this helps or not. 

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            The portal does in fact display the related records as it should. I checked to see if "in browse mode" was checked and yes it is checked for all fields.


            One interesting thing is that in the same file but on a different layout, I have another portal (different related records) and this portal works properly!


            Go figure.



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              Thank you for your post.


              Let's assume the portal on the original layout is corrupt.  Before removing it, create another portal with the same settings and go to Browse.  If this works, then you can remove the corrupt portal and replace it with the new portal.


              You're probably asking, "Why would it be corrupt?"  I don't have an answer, but let's just try to get it working first.  :-)



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                Thanks for getting back to me. I did just that. Deleted the portal and re-created it and it works fine. I appreciate your response.