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Entering accented characters changes text field font

Question asked by ITDept on Sep 15, 2009
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Entering accented characters changes text field font


If I have an input field in FileMaker (I'm using FileMaker 10 products) set to use a specific font, such as American Typewriter Condensed, and input accented characters from the keyboard (e.g., é, ä, etc.), FileMaker changes the font to Helvetica. This seems odd, given that the fonts I'm using all support the characters I'm entering. Is there a setting in FileMaker that I'm missing that will stop this unwanted behavior? I thought "Set input method to: Synchronize with field's font" (in Field Behavior) would work, but it's not doing what I want. I've resorted to applying a calculation to strip font changes in one database, but that also seems like a ridiculous hoop to jump through to achieve my goal.