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Entering Activity for related tables...

Question asked by Annette on May 27, 2013
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Entering Activity for related tables...



     First I'll explain the setup before I get to my question

     I have the following tables / fields setup:

     Clients > varous fields with client info

     Table 1 (Referrals) > Table1PK ; Client FK ; Field A, Field B, Field C (fields are various info re the referrals, date, who referred, etc)

     Table 2 (Service) > Table 2 PK ; Table 1 FK ; Field D ; Field E ; Field F (fields relating to what service the above referral was for)

     Table 3 (Appointments) > Table 3 PK ; Table 2 FK ; Field G ; Field H ; Field I (Fields about appoitnments given from the service for the specific referral)

     At the moment information is entered in the following way as a client can have mulitple referral types, each offering mulitple services who will give numerous appointments over time.

     Layout 1 has portal for Table 1 then there is a button that sets the PK and another button brings me to layout 2 showing a portal for Table 2 which only shows information related to Table 1 and again there is a button that first sets the PK of table 2 then another which brings me to layout 3 which has a portal to enter appointments for this table relating to the previously selected referral and service.  All works great. 

     But there is specific type of referral that we get for a client that there would only be one of this referral at a time, and only one service at a time.   For example Referral Type 1 will always be Service Type 1, and there will only be one of this open at a time, any other type can be numerous combinations and have multiple amounts of each.  So what I wanted to do was make an additional layout that related to that one referral type and service without them having to go through the steps to select each but still be able to enter appointments for it. 

     Basically I would like to have a portal where they select the client it relates to from a drop down list and be able to enter the appointment information but have the portal know that it relates to Referral 1 Service 1 as opposed to any of the other referral / service types. 

     Is this possible?  Have I explained this suffieciently or did I totally confuse?