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Entering and viewing multiple values

Question asked by Ariel on Oct 29, 2008
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Entering and viewing multiple values


Hi, I am working with an existing library database, where one book can have multiple authors, subjects, library locations, etc.


So for example, to relate books and authors, my database includes the following tables:



-Book ID





-Author ID

-Last Name

-First Name



-Author ID

-Book ID


My goal is for all these fields - Book Title, ISBN, author(s), subject(s) - to look like a single seamless "record" per book to the end user. So, within a single book "record," we need the ability to view multiple authors per book, as well as the ability to enter multiple authors when creating new book records.


Ideally, all values entered would be validated against value lists (e.g., the Author list or the Subject list), and new values (e.g., new Authors) could easily be added.


I’m new to FileMaker, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!