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Entering Data into a Join Table

Question asked by KenClose on Aug 23, 2011
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Entering Data into a Join Table


Hello: First post here with a real newbie question, but one I have been working on for days to no avail.  I have set up, for training purposes, a simple set of tables for a Student/Course mini db.  Of course, I have a join table to connect the two other tables, but am at a loss of how to add records so the thing all works.

Student Table: Student ID, Name

Course Table: Course ID, Course Name

Join Table: StudentID, Course ID .... but what else, and where and how to rig a form to enter new record data. And into which table(s) are the records entered? 

I believe I would populate the Courses table ahead of time, manually.  But then new students would be added, with Course selection from a drop down list.  But where?  How?

This is so seemingly simple I am embarrassed to ask but yet I can not find any guidance on such a simple task. Who is willing to help me?

Thanks so much,