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    entering data into two different tables in one layout



      entering data into two different tables in one layout


      Hi, I have one layout that I would like to enter data into, and I would like to enter it into two separate tables. So, for example, we have one study and I have all that information about the study in the table, and then below it I would like to enter additional information about the submission process (the dates, descriptions, problems, etc.), but I would like that information to be in a separate table that is connected via a unique ID number (which I already have).  The problem is that filemaker seems not to want to let me enter data into the fields that come from a different table when they are in the same layout... is this possible?






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          Howdy njoyce,


          You may have some of this already...


          You would need:

          1. Two tables (Study, Submission)

          2. The two tables related by the uniqueID number

               Both tables need to have this field, and you can relate them under File>Manage Dbaase>relationships window, just drage the filed from one Table to the matching field in the other Table

          3. Double click the relationship and allow creation of records in the Submission Table via the relationship (check boxes near the bottom)

          4. A layout based on the Study table

          5. fields on the layout from both the Study table and the Submission table as appropriate.


          Now when you enter data in the layout into fields that are actually on the Submissions Table, it will update or create a related record in the Submission table as needed.


          Please note that the above description describes a simple one-to-one relationship which I assume is what you're after.


          Does that cover it, or did I miss something?