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Entering large amounts of data into join tables

Question asked by b24mike on Aug 10, 2015
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Entering large amounts of data into join tables


Last year, thanks to Guy Stevens help, I was able to construct a database for a World War II bomb group that was part of the 8th Air Force in England. For the past 6 months I've been verifying data in Excel spreadsheets and am now ready to try importing the data.  The attached image is the Missions Table layout that contains 2 portal fields - Join_Acft_Missions_Tbl (contains the records for each plane that flew a given mission; max of 48 planes on any given mission) and Join_Acft_Crew_Selected_Tbl (contains the names of each crewman on a given plane on a given mission).  For example, the first mission flown there were 15 aircraft and a total of 155 crewmen who participated in the mission.  The second mission had 35 planes and 355 crewmen.  By clicking on the green button in the left portal window next to a given airplane, I can see the crew for that plane in the right portal window.

I have my Excel data configured to allow me to populate each of the two join tables that I've created.  The Join_Acft_Missions_Tbl input will populate the correct number of aircraft for each mission.  The Join_Acft_Crew_Selected_Tbl should populate each plane of each mission, but it doesn't seem to work with the small number of crews I'm testing with.

Any thoughts, comments would be greatly appreciated as I need to get about 7,700 aircraft entered into the 280 missions flown by the bomb group and the corresponding nearly 78,000 crewmen.  I will be demonstrating this database at the 8th Air Force Historical Society's 2015 reunion in Omaha, NE in mid-October as a prototype for a possible 8th Air Force wide database.

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