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    Entering New Record off a portal



      Entering New Record off a portal


           I have a basketball database in which I have a layout for game scouting reports. I have a portal in the layout where when I select a player there is a portal tha pops up with all of their teammates. I would like to setup a button in the portal when I click on it that player is the new record that is created in this scouting report.



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               Set Variable [$PlayerID ; PortalTableOccurrence::PlayerID ]
               Go to Layout [//select layout based on scouting report table]
               New Record Request
               Set Field [ScoutingReport::PlayerID ; $PlayerID ]

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                 For some reason it creates a new record for the current player. Here is a picture of the scouting report. Maybe its not possible



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                   So I enter a new record and select a player from both teams so I have their roster of players that are on both teams. I want to select an ID number from the portal and then a new record appears with the selected player's ID etc .

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                     It's very possible, I use this method all the time.

                     Is the button that performs this script located in the portal row? That way the mouse click on the button also puts the focus on the desired portal row so that the set variable step copies an Id value from that portal row record.

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                       The button will be on the player ID located in the portal row.

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                         Here is my script

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                           If you enter layout mode, what text appears in the lower left hand corner of your portal?

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                             You got me, totally had it linked with another table. I'm getting better, but its a process. 


                             On another note got interviewed by PR made sure you were mentioned.


                             Just got FM 12 late to the party but very impressed. What are some new features like Dashboard. WOuld that help me and is it easy to setup??


                             I saw something where you can have instructional videos for your solution off of a container fiels. FLoating windows I think? Are they effective??


                             Thanks Phil

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                               Dashboard is a specific type of layout that is not unique to Filemaker 12. it's just a layout that is designed to be the Main Menu or the "control center" for your database solution. Typically, it displays summary type infor about your database and provides buttons to take you to different parts of it.

                               You can insert videos into a container field fo nearly any version of Filemaker, but with FileMaker 12, you can optimize the container field for interactive contact which gives you some nicer options for playing back an audio or video file or for flipping through the pages of a PDF file--all without having to open the file in another application.

                               Filemaker 12 is definitely a mixed bag--not something to transition to linghtly as it offers some significant advantages, but the version also introduced a great many bugs--some of which have been resolved by the release of the 02 and 03 updaters, but the 03 updater also introduced a new bug not found in the original version and many others have not yet been addressed.

                               Whether those bugs will create significant issues for your solution or not requires careful evaluation.

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                                 Phil how do you use a floating windor? Or is it alled a floating lqyout?


                                 As far as a Dashboard how do you set that up? I setup dashboards in the past, but basicall just making a blank layout and filling it with portals, but if there is a better way I'f like to explore it.


                                 Last thing is on the container field. How would I set up a video to record a note to remind myself to do somehting on the database? I'd like to have a button that I can push and the bideo appears. ANything special that I need to do for that??


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                                   A floating window for what purpose? In all recent versions of FileMaker, you can open multiple windows by using the New Window script step. What's new in FileMaker 12 is that New Window can now specify some additional window properties such as "modal" which locks the user into working only with the newly opened window unttil it is closed--just like you get with a modal dialog such as the Print Dialog.

                                   That's all dashboard really is, a blank layout with lots of buttons. I often define a table with zero or just one record for use as a Dashboard or main menu layout.

                                   You can record an audio file into a container field in at least FileMaker Pro, if your hardware includes a mike, I believe, but don't know if FMP 12 added that capability. There is no built in capability for recording videos.

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                                     Phil the reason for the floating window is to remind me of new procedures for my database . I actually had a file from a class that I took. It worked great as far as a small video that I made recording my screen to remind me.


                                     i made a dashboard a year ago for my solution although I usually have a lot of records in that layout for some reason. I didn't know if I was doing something wrong or not 

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                                       WHen making a dashboard what table do I associate it with? I've been associating it with the main table withmost of the information is. Is there a better way?? I have most of the functionality that I want with it exept a couple of things. I keep notes on players like intel that is in th enewspaper. I want to set a portal up that gives me the list of notes on all players and sort it by date, but since the layout is associated with the player Table that it only gives me info for the record number that the dashboard is on and switches everytime I click to a different record.


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                                         It doesn't much matter what table you use as long as your interface design is solid. You normally wouldn't want a user to be able to create a new record in your main table by selecting new record from the records menu or pressing the keyboard shortcut for the same while on the dashboard layout.

                                         A custom menu can prevent his.

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