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Entity Relationships - Confused!

Question asked by datamarine on Feb 26, 2012
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Entity Relationships - Confused!


 I've just finished reading 'The Missing Manual' for Filemaker Pro. I know a great deal more than I ever thought I would, but I'm still completely confused about the relationship diagram that I need - of course no example can ever mimic exactly what is required, but because all the examples I've found seem to relate to businesses with clients, invoices or stock, I remain completely lost and unable to translate what I've learnt into anything that remotely resembles what I need. Mine is a research database - let's say I have a person whose address changes frequently, who marries and has children (and exactly when and where those things occur is vitally important). I am befuddled about how on earth I can translate the examples for clients, invoices and stock into anything that comes anywhere remotely approaching my particular problem. I'd be very grateful to hear from anyone who has used Filemaker Pro (v10) to write a relational database. Or anyone who has any suggestions that might help, of course.

Best wishes, and thank you in advance.