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Entry check in portal using ONOBJECTMODIFY

Question asked by MichielEilbracht on Jan 17, 2013
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Entry check in portal using ONOBJECTMODIFY



     I have a main database and a related one as a portal. I have the portal open in a layout together with the data of the main database. I wish to validate entries in the portal on onobjectmodify, so NOT when storing the entries. It's a country code which  needs to be checked (in the 'portal' database) if it's hasn't been used before in the relationship before going to the next field.

     The main database is a 'case' database which stores several cases people work on, the related database is one with several country entries per case (EG one case (or 'trademark) can be filed in several countries.). I need to be sure a country will not be entered twice in the related database.

     How do I perform a search in the related database (portal) before going to the next field (if NOT found>move on to the next field, if found, message and the field emptied).

     The relationship from the main to the related is esthablished by a case number, but the related database has several similar casenumbers which all different country codes.

     The setup works good, but I can't seem to get a right script for searching for double country codes with (the same) casenumber.

     Wow, this description must be vague...