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    Envelope - Company with Multiple The Person In Charge



      Envelope - Company with Multiple The Person In Charge


      Hi ,

      I am very new in FMP13 and I wonder if I can get some guide from here.

      I am using FMP13 for making Company Database for printing the envelope.

      I have a table with this fields :

      1.  Serial#
      3. Company Name
      5. Department
      7. ThePersonInCharge
      9. PostCode
      11. Address1 
      13. Address2

      I have those in 1 table.


      I want to build a database which can make me to create a records which I can choose ThePersonInCharge in the same company and pick the Department base on the company's its owned.

      Which every times I create a record, which I can put a new value in the Department and the ThePersonInCharge or I can pick from drop-down menu from the value that I ever entered before.


      The purpose is for me to print an envelope  from a layout (printing), which the value can be picked from a menu or entered as a new record.


      Please kindly help me.


      Thanks in advance for reading and giving your time for this.







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          Sounds like you need two tables where you currently have one:


          Company::__pkCompanyID = Departments::_fkCompanyID

          For an explanation of the notation that I am using, see the first post of: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

          this allows you to have one record for each department and one record for each company. This also allows you to set up a conditional value list where, from a given record in company, you get a drop down list, pop up menu etc of just the persons in charge and departments for that one company.

          If you don't know how to create a conditional value list, see this free Adventures in FileMaking demo file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oj15fqp1uakg0d7/Adventure%201%20CVLs.fmp12?dl=0

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            Hi PhilModJunk,


            Thank you for your kind response.

            I got the idea. But I am struggling in the  Conditional Value List.

            Here is the file I made,


            I have this Company table which have an information, and Department table which has multiple value for 1 company. 

            And sometimes in 1 Departments it has multiple Person In Charge (PIC).

            Everytime I am trying to make the new record, I pick from the drop down menu, it requires me to enter the address, which I have entered the before. 

            I am sorry for this kind of question (which shows I am so new here and seems like not reading all the forums)

            Please guide...

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              If a department has "multiple persons in charge" (an odd way to manage a department), then you need a third table:


              Company::__pkCompanyID = Departments::_fkCompanyID
              Departments::__pkDepartmentID = PersonsInCharge::_fkDepartmentID

              And you'd print an envelope addressed to a specific person in charge on a layout based on Persons In Charge. Your value list could be something used to find the correct person in charge. Value list one finds the company, value list two finds the department from within that company and value list three selects the Person In Charge from that Department.

              In the adventure file, such a "chain" of value lists is called a Hierarchical Conditional value list.