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Envelope layout in FM 10 PRO with HP Printer

Question asked by MB321 on Apr 16, 2010


Envelope layout in FM 10 PRO with HP Printer


My HP printer will not print envelopes that are not set up as envelopes in Page Setup.  It returns an error message saying the paper size in the printer does not match the Page Setup.  All of the instructions I have been able to find for creating envelope layouts require that the page set up be set to letter and then header/footer adjustments made.  


I tried setting  the Page Setup to envelope, but it then effects all of my reports!  That is just plain stupid to me.  


Can you tell me how to create this layout?  Also, why does FM not permit each layout to have its own Page Setup?  Even MS Access does that!!  I had hoped to simplify my life by switching to FM.