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envelopes print upside down

Question asked by on Mar 21, 2010
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envelopes print upside down


I've used FileMaker to print envelopes in versions 4 through 10, which is what I still have.

I use a an HP office jet printer for this purpose.

It used to work fine for me; I'd solved most of the problems I've seen listed here.

I'm certain that I had NO problem with my HP printer in Filemaker 9 (or was iit 8?) but in 10 I certainly do.

I think that I was succesful in 10, and then, at some point, I wasn't. Not sure, though.

Anyway, what happens is this: the envelopes print upside down. Bottom edge of the text facing the top edge of the envelope, instead of the top.

There is only one way to load envelopes in my HP. I tried putting them in opposite way, and they jammed.

I've checked everything I can think of in layout, page set up, and so on, and in the printer's software, but the result is always the same.

When I print envelopes from microsoft word, they're fine.

I am baffled by this.

I'm in Mac 10.5.8

I created a layout where the text is upside down on screen, and am able to print envelopes ok from that, but that's certainly got it's drawbacks.