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EPSF graphics inserted on Mac layouts not displaying

Question asked by samh on Jun 4, 2010
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EPSF graphics inserted on Mac layouts not displaying


I have used FileMaker for years and have many databases virtually all of which have EPSF graphics included on layouts. I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard (v 10.6.3) and noticed that none of the graphics on my existing databases were displaying. As I was using FileMaker 8.5 at that time I assumed that this was probably an error caused by a mismatch between the new system and the older application. I upgraded to FileMaker 11 in the hope that this would correct the fault but without success.


When I insert a .eps graphic on a layout all that is displayed are the four black square corner markers. I have tried recreating the .esp graphics using Illustrator but the problem persists. I have inserted Photoshop (.psd) graphics and they work fine as do .jpg. However, I don't relish the task of having to alter all the graphics on all the layouts on all my databases from .eps to .psd


Is this a FileMaker fault of an OS fault?