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Equipment Inventory Database

Question asked by psbajohr on Feb 4, 2010
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Equipment Inventory Database




I am trying to create a basic serialized inventory (equipment is serialized already) for some equipment we use at our office.


Basically for now, I would like to create a main splash screen, with two buttons, each button linking to a respective serialized inventory when clicked.


I have so far created a table called "inventory", a second table called "item A on hand" and a third table called "item B on hand"


Within the item tables, I have a "type" field and an "expiration date" field.


My main goal is to ultimately keep track of the equipment, and also have a total box in each item's list, so I can know when to reorder, etc.  I just cant seem to figure out what relationships I need and also how to link the buttons, etc.


I am using filemaker 10, win xp.  I am fairly new to filemaker and am looking to have this database available to a slect group of users via network once completed.


Thanks so much in advance!