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    Equipment Inventory Database



      Equipment Inventory Database




      I am trying to create a basic serialized inventory (equipment is serialized already) for some equipment we use at our office.


      Basically for now, I would like to create a main splash screen, with two buttons, each button linking to a respective serialized inventory when clicked.


      I have so far created a table called "inventory", a second table called "item A on hand" and a third table called "item B on hand"


      Within the item tables, I have a "type" field and an "expiration date" field.


      My main goal is to ultimately keep track of the equipment, and also have a total box in each item's list, so I can know when to reorder, etc.  I just cant seem to figure out what relationships I need and also how to link the buttons, etc.


      I am using filemaker 10, win xp.  I am fairly new to filemaker and am looking to have this database available to a slect group of users via network once completed.


      Thanks so much in advance!


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          Howdy psbajohr,

          Welcome to the forum.


          From the little you describe of what you're trying to accomplish, I only see the need for a single table.

          This single table would have two fields in addition to what you already have:

          1. Item Marker (would hold values of "A" or "B")

          2. "OnHand" (would hold values of "Yes" or "No")


          Then there are no relationships to worry about, and no moving of records from table to table if it is no longer "on hand".


          Does this match what you're thinking?  Please feel free to describe what end result you are working toward.


          Buttons, under "Button Setup" would be set to perform a script.  From what you describe, the script would be a single step of "Go To Layout" with the appropriate layout defined.