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Equipment QTY Available for a Given Date Range

Question asked by MichaelVoccola on Nov 19, 2011
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Equipment QTY Available for a Given Date Range


Goal: In a portal displayed on an "Invoice" showing records from "Inventory" include a field displaying the current available QTY for the date range on the current "Invoice" (Invoice::StartDate  and  Invoice::EndDate)


The portion of the database in question includes the following tables:





Currently, there is a portal on the invoice to add items from the table "InventorySearch", a T.O. of "Inventory", which is currently related through a SearchFilter type relationship. Each Invoice has StartDate & EndDate fields.


Items are not tracked individually; LineItems::QTY is the QTY of that particular Item# on an Invoice.


Below is a link that begins to cover this topic.

Finding available dates (equipment rental program)