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    Equipment Rental Tracking scripts help



      Equipment Rental Tracking scripts help


      I send out pieces of sound equipment inventory with my independent contractors on every event.  I have a database that lists the equipment that is being taken on each event and creates a packing list, and invoice and a daysheet for my independent contractors.  If an events status is "confirmed" i want to make the equipment set for that event unavailable for the time between the event start and event end days.

      I looked into the resource management starter solution.  it looks promising but i cannot figure out for the life of me how i can even start this.  Any thoughts for laying out my scripts/calcs would be much appreciated.  

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          Think of it like an invoicing database. Each event is much like an "invoice" where the packing list is then the "lineitems" for that list.

          If you add a field to those event records for recording "confirmed" status, you can set up a report based on the packing list table that shows only those records for confirmed events in a given date range with summary fields computing totals for each type of equipment item.

          That's a very generalized description, but it might give you a few ideas as to how to set this up. One key detail to think about is whether you choose to reserve each item on your packing list as a separate item or whether you list them as part of a group of identical items.