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Equipment Shopping Cart and checkout

Question asked by standardGeese on Nov 22, 2013
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Equipment Shopping Cart and checkout


     I'm creating an addition to a currently existing database, but have started creating it with some tables unrelated to the main database. Essentially, I have already entered records of every piece of equipment a production company owns. Each item has an id, a name, and identifying categories starting with Department, Sub category, and Sub-Sub Category, and a note of whether or not the item is available for checkout. That table is related to a lineItem table which is related to some tables that allow the user to narrow down the selection of items through conditional value lists. 

     I'm having an issue letting a user check out all of the items. Currently, in the checkout order form layout (which relates to linetems (here called Equipment Checkin Checkout), and the item lists come through a portal to Equipment Checkin Checkout where a user can select an option from a drop down menu to narrow down the list of items. The items appear in one field as checkboxes. I have made a button to select all since often the items listed are part of a kit that is checked out, and it would save time to let the user select all at once. However, the select all button will only work for the first portal row because it uses ValueListItems ( Get (FileName) ; "EQUIPMENT item") to check or uncheck all the boxes. So if the user wants to check out items for more than one category, he or she has to check the items in that portal row individually.

     The second area I cannot figure out is how to get a list of the items chosen in the checkboxes so I could print out an invoice and mark those items as checked out. Since the items are checkboxes, they all appear as a block of ID numbers when copied into a variable and I am not sure if there's a way to parse that block so I could get the individual items.

     Ideally I would like the user to be able to select the items and have a list of all the items appear at the bottom of the checkout page. Then the user could click submit and all of those items would get checked out and I could print out an invoice with that list of items. I know how to do those things with fields normally,  I just need help parsing the block of items and allowing hte user to select all the check boxes for multiple portal rows.

     Thanks in advance,

     Here are some pictures that may help.