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ERD for Athlete Assessments

Question asked by LeftyKJ on Jan 18, 2013
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ERD for Athlete Assessments


     I'm new to databases and FM12, but have already been through a lot of educational material and catching on.  That said, I am trying to create a database where I can track a bunch of athletes (name, age, sport, etc.).  These athletes can then take an assessment which contains one or many protocols.  Assessment and protocol may seem synonymous but an assessment is based on the date and the athlete that then includes different protocols.  Protocols include a category, name and unit of measurement.

     I want to figure how to track all these and eventually build in a dashboard table where I can track the progress of athletes, compare athletes to other athletes or a group of athletes based on criteria (age, graduation year, sport, gender, etc.).  

     Attached is an image of my relationship map so far.  Performance Dashboard is empty because its for later.  

     Can someone please get me started down the right path and advise what to do next? Thank youuuuuuuuuuu