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    Error 50040



      Error 50040


      Hey guys,


      I have Filemaker Pro 9 for Windows XP.


      I turned my computer on today and it came up with Error 50040 "An activation problem has occured".


      It has been activated when bought and it is a legit copy.


      Has anyone experienced this and how can it be solved?




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          Thank you for your post.


          From Knowledge Base Article #6794:


          "Due to changes on your computer, your activation must be repaired.  The error is displayed when you have reached the maximum number of allocated repairs.


          A repair could b triggered by various factors such as reformatting or reinstalling the OS on your hard drive.  It is strongly advised that you deactivate your existing software by selecting "Help > Deactivate" prior to making changes to your computer."


          If you are located in North America, please contact our Customer Assistance department at toll-free 800-325-2747.  For offices outside of North America, go to our web site, www.filemaker.com, select your country (or region) in the upper right corner pop-up, and find the office nearest you.



          FileMaker, Inc

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               Thanks for your help. I will give them a call :)