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Error Capture

Question asked by DustFairy on Apr 10, 2015
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Error Capture



Error Capture may not be the Exact correct Title but I think the subject is similar to Error Capture.

I have a DB that creates Inspection Checksheets.  A portal on the Inspection layout is populated by a looping script that creates a new Result record for each inspection point.  As the inspection is completed a Result field on the Result record is filled with a value from a Result value list.  The portal on the Inspection layout is filtered to show only Rejected Inspection points on a Comments To Owner layout.

I would like to check that no Result fields have been left blank (hence do not show in the Comments To Owner layout because the are not Rejected).

Should I write another looping script to check each Result record to ensure no Result fields are left blank or is there a better way to search the portal for blank Result fields?

Thanks in advance.