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Error capture and valid dates

Question asked by irishetcher on Jul 28, 2013
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Error capture and valid dates


     I have a script that searches date and captures errors where when the date or date range does not match any records it takes the user back to the layout where they started the search.

     It uses the if[ Get ( LastError )  > 0] function

     This works fine but does not seem to work where an invalid date query is used. i.e. date entered incorrectly or text used. If such a malformed query is used on a date search the user is left with the usual dialogue in find mode and ten the cryptic Revert/OK dialogue. 

     I have tried using different suggestions from this and other forums but none of these work:


     If [ not Get ( FoundCount ) ]



     not IsValid ( table::globalDate )


     or Get ( ErrorCaptureState )  = 1