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Error capture in "Find Mode"

Question asked by newbiecon on Nov 11, 2012
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Error capture in "Find Mode"


     Hello All,

     Very new to this but will do my best.

     I'm trying to capture the error that occurs in find mode when a match is not found.  Part of the script is below.

     The same routine (straight out of the help files) works fine with the script steps "Perform Find" or "Perform Quick Find" but if I go into find mode It won't capture the error???

     I've searched the KB but to no avail.  Is anyone able to help?



Set Variable [ $$aMembernum; Value:People::aMemberNumAuto ]

New Window [ Style: Document; Close: “Yes”; Minimize: “Yes”; Maximize: “Yes”; Zoom Control Area: “Yes”; Resize: “Yes” ]

Set Window Title [ Current Window; New Title: "Vessels" ]

Go to Layout [ “Vessels” (Boats) ]

Go to Field [ Boats::DotNo ]

Set Error Capture [ On ]

Enter Find Mode [ ] [ Pause ]

Set Field [ Main_Panel::Error; Get (LastError) ]

If [ Main_Panel::Error 0 ]

  Enter Browse Mode
                      New Record/Request
                      Go to Field
[ Boats::DotNo ]