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    Error Logging



      Error Logging


      We have a filemaker database thats grown into a bit of a monster over the past 3 years, it does a great job for us in many respects of running our business


      I rely heavily on the users reporting errors and bugs which sometimes slip through on testing, however I quite often see them just clicking ok on error popups without reporting and no understanding of what proceeding at these points can mean


      Is there any way (or a plugin) of keeping a log that stores every error event, what the code was, who the user was, what layout they were on and what script they were executing?


      Thanks in advance

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          Thank you for your post.


          You may want to add a table to your solution to capture the error messages.  For your example, I would include fields:







          You can then create an error script for this table that accepts a parameter, adds a record, and enter the information.


          At different points in your original scripts, you can have:


          If [ Get ( LastError ) > 0 ]

             Set Variable [ $$errorstring ; <script name > & "¶" & <layout name> & "¶" & Get ( LastError ) & "¶" & Get ( UserName ) ]

             Perform Script [ <script that captures error message> ; Parameter: $$errorstring ]

          End If


          This should get you pointed in the right direction. 


          Does anyone know if there is a third-party plug-in?



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