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Error message and unable to print

Question asked by adobelady on Dec 22, 2009
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Error message and unable to print


OK, OK - I know you are all going to roll your eyes but here goes - I am really needing this file.  I have Filemaker Pro Version 6.02 updated from V5.  I have used Filemaker for over 10 years, but never to develop, just for my own record keeping.  I only know what I have managed to figure out as I go along and have some files that I have been using (comfortably) for all those years.   I have an extensive contact management file that I built a long time ago and has EVERYTHING in it with about 500 records.  This last couple of weeks I got a message "Filemaker needs your attention!" when I would open Filemaker.  Everything worked ok, but  I looked on the FAQ and could not find any information about WHY FP needed my attention.  Then today I was trying to print a sorted list and it crashes each time I try to print.  I exported the data to open in Excel to get my file printed, BUT, would like to use my FP file.  Since I use such a limited bit of FP features I did not feel the need to update.  If I do update, can I get my files printed?  So far, it is only printing that is not working.


I would so appreciate any advice from all you folks who use this wonderful application regularly.  Remember, I am a limited-use novice. Thank you for any assistance you might give me.