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    Error message interpretation



      Error message interpretation



           When I try to enter data into some of the fields on a layout I receive this error message.

      This operation could not be complete because the target is not part of a related table.

           Is the target the field I am trying to enter data into or could the target be referring some other field(s) on the layout?

           Your insight would be appreciated.





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               The target is the field into which you are attemptint to enter data. If you are manually attempting to edit a field, go to layout mode and look at the field. I predict that you will see a "missing" error message in place of the fieldname.

               If you are using Set Field in a script, you'll need to take a closer look at your script, what layout is "current" at the point when the script step executes and what relationships are in place linking other tables to the current layout's table occurrence.

               And don't forget the possibility of a script trigger performing a script that produces this error message when you edit a field on your layout.

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                 Bit in the buttissimo by a script trigger used improperly.

                 So much to learn, so little patience, LOL.

                 Thanks again Phil.