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    Error Message when using a checkbox



      Error Message when using a checkbox


      Hi, i am using odbc to connect to my data source.

      I have a user table and it links to a reference table and then that table links to an attributes table, the reference table is just there to link the attributes to the user table.

      There can be multiple attributes for a person that is why i am using a checkbox


      I get this error message when trying to use the checbox:

      This action cannot be performed because this field is not modifiable. I am logged in as the admin user while making changes.


      Also the checkbox only shows one box checked on each user, even though that user has multiple attributes


      Any help would be great,


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          Are these your relationships? (Though probably with different names)


          User::__pkUserID = Reference::_fkUserID
          Attributes::__pkAttributeID = Reference::_fkAttributeID

          Is "allow creation..." enabled for Reference in the relationship from user to reference? For attributes in the reference to attributes relationship?

          How is your layout designed? On what table is it based? Are you using a portal? Leaving ODBC out of the question for a moment, on normally picks a different attribute for user using a portal to reference where you create one new reference record and then link it to an atribute record to show the selected attributte. This method cannot use a single field formatted with multiple check boxes.

          And all three tables are from an ODBC source? or just some of them? Is this set up using ESS?

          The fact that a user can have many attributes does NOT require the reference table to serve as a Join unless an attribute also must link to many different users. That appears to be the case here, but if I am wrong about that, you can simplify your solution by getting rid of the reference table.

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            Hi Phil, just got into the office,

            those connections look accurate

            Yes i turned it on

            My layout is basically different info on a specific user, so I am using portals, within one of the portals is the checkbox for attribute reference. The Id in attribute reference should bring up the Attribute Name from the attributes table. I have it setup to show all the attributes now, but it only shows one checked even though the user has multiple attributes, and whenever i try to save another attribute via checkbox it does not save and says

            "the field is defined to contain numeric values only. You must enter a numeric value."

            all tables are connected to my sql database through odbc

            yea attributes link to different users on the same attributes, it is used to group people together in many different groups

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              I don't quite see how your "check boxes" are set up here as what you describe would only allow for selecting a single attribute for each record in reference--which would normally use a radio button format, not check boxes.

              The error you describe suggests that you have a value list of text values but are attempting to modify a field that only permits numeric input.