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    Error message: "Unsupported operation"



      Error message: "Unsupported operation"


      What would FMP 10 be saying when it issues the above error message? I don't see anything in the docs about this.

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          Accessing a database on the same computer with FMP10?

          Accessing from another computer on the network with FMP10?

          Accessing from another computer on the network with a webbrowser?

          Accessing from the internet with FMP10?

          Accessing from the internet with a browser?

          When a button with attached script?

          When changing a layout?

          When doing a search?

          Thanks for the extra information. 

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            Sorry about that. I thought it might be something very specific I had no knowledge of. I've seen it when running a script.


            Later, after posting this topic, I had suspicion that it might have been issued when memory got low, since the same script never did that before or after. The reason I thought about memory here is the script spawns a handful of hidden windows each time it is run, and I was testing it over and over again, making very minor cosmetic changes each time. I know that there's a known bug under FMP 10 (apparently not under FMP 9), where memory eaten up by the extra wndows isn't fully released when the windows are closed, and can lead to an app crashing as the result.


            The script also has many steps that include Troi File Plugin operations, and I had thought that might be involved. So I later made sure I had a step in there to test that the plugin was actually actively loaded, and if the test fails, the app will exit.


            So, in the end, this occurred when running a script on a local isolated computer, where the script checks for the existence of certain files (using Troi File), backs up certain files (using Troi File), and then runs an import of data from one .fp7 file to another .fp7 file.

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              I realize this thread is more than six months old, but I am having the same problem with one user running a script and getting this message "An unsupported operation was attempted."  I am unable to replicate it on my machine and no one else has reported the problem.  


              She is using FileMaker 10v3 on a Windows Vista machine,  has tried uninstalling and reinstalling FM, and the script that she is running uses maximum FM10 features and no plugins.


              Any thoughts?