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    Error Message: FMServer Warning 661



      Error Message: FMServer Warning 661


           I am a new user and administrator using FM12 and I keep getting the message below each time I log in and now I am getting the same message for the users that I just created as they log on. Anyone's assistance is greatly appreciated.

           FileMaker Server on 44VFILEMAKER reported the following event:


           2014-07-17 15:47:29.004 -0400   Warning            661       44VFILEMAKER  Client "NadineB (44OSFNSPC0173) []" authentication failed on database "Budget_R4.fmp12" using "Admin [fmapp]".

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               "Authentication Failed" means that an attempt to open Budget_R4.fmp12 failed for some reason. This can be as simple as having mistyped the password, getting the error message and then trying again.

               It's also been my experience using FMS 10 (Still applies to current versions as far as I know), that if a file is set to auto-enter a password when the file is opened so that it does not pop up a password dialog, and the file is opened from another Filemaker file where the user has the file open with a different account name and/or password, the file will open without issue but this error is logged nonetheless.

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                 Thank you for the quick response.  This happens regardless, as soon as I log in and enter my user id and password  the message is generated.  I created userids for 2 colleagues today and when they logged on the same message appeared but we do not experience any issues in accessing the Budget file

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                   But how do you access the Budget File? Is there more than one file hosted from your server?

                   What I am describing with an auto-entered password would result in silently logging this error message, but the user would not see any issues accessing this file.

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                      please see the image of the database

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                       That does not fully answer my questions. It does show that what I am suggesting as a possible cause cannot yet be ruled out.

                       To repeat, exactly how do you open the budget file where this error message is being logged?

                       Do you click buttons or otherwise run scripts in one of the other files shown that access data in the budget file? If you open manage External Data sources for each of the other files listed under Databases, do any of them show a reference to this file?

                       What options have you selected in File Options for this file? (Open the file, pull down the File menu and select File Options.)

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                         All my files on FMS can be opened from any of my password protected computers remotely without the login dialog because the passwords are stored in  my Keychain on the various machines. However, there is one file that is generally opened via script by another file that records this error. The file opens and is fully functional but opening it this way records an error in the log. I ignore it.