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    Error modifying record in ESS database



      Error modifying record in ESS database




      I'm a newbie user of FM Pro 10 (Mac), connecting to an oracle database using ODBC. The database was set up by our IS department for a project I administer and resides on their server.


      I've added a table from the database using File->Manage->Database..., and I can add records to it. The problem I have is that if I try to modify a record, I always get the error "This record was modified by another user since you started editing it." even if no one else is accessing the database. I have no idea how to troubleshoot this or figure out what it is about my configuration that is causing this. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



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          FileMaker itself uses Pessimistic locking which prevents anyone from editing the record once someone has started editing it. However, when writing to the other databases with the ESS feature it uses optimistic locking. Therefore, if anything has touched the ESS record, it while you started editing the record, you will get this message asking you if you want to update it.


          Either a user or a process could have updated the record. It doesnt have to be via FileMaker. For example, if you are using a MySQL db for the web and someone modifies the record while you were editing the same ercord via ESS. Or it can be updated via an Execute SQL statement  that you may have called as well...

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            Thanks for the reply. That makes sense.


            Here's the thing---I don't think the record has actually been modified. There's only one other user with access to this database (and only from a particular machine), and this happens every time whether the person is around or not.  (And I'm creating my own random dummy records, not editing existing records, so it's very unlikely she would be touching them anyway.) So it seems to me that some automated process is touching them, or marking them as dirty, or ... whatever, and that there is something about the way the oracle database is configured that is causing this. I'm not sure what to look at, or what question to ask the IS people who set the database up.


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                 How are you creating the records? Can you possibly be having a batch script or stored procedure that can be performing a specific function that you do not know about?
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                I'm a total newbie, so I just click on "New Record" in the tool bar in form view and type in the boxes. Then I click outside a box. Then I click in a box and make an edit. When I click outside the box again I get the warning dialog.


                I have a couple FM books that I need to start reading, but I was just surprised that I encountered this particular problem immediately. 

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                     I would check with yout Oracle admin. See if any of the fields are using triggers both on the Oracle end as well as your FileMaker end.