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Error on "date" formatted data import but not as "text"

Question asked by Grant on Jul 29, 2011
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Error on "date" formatted data import but not as "text"


OK this is a crazy one.

I am importing data from UPS World Ship and one of the items is a date. 

When I set my Filemaker field type to "date" I get an error even though the date data is formatted the exact same way as the Filemaker field format for date is.  Format Example: 4/15/2010 (no leading zero)

The error is..... [FileMaker][FileMaker ODBC] FQL0013/(1:25): Incompatible types in assignment.   Code: 80004005

However, when I set the field to "text", the data moves perfectly without error.

I need the field to be formatted as a date field.

Any ideas?