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    Error starting FileMaker Pro 6



      Error starting FileMaker Pro 6


           So I'm trying to run FileMaker Pro v6 (to convert files created in 2.x)  and I'm getting an error telling me that "This trial version of FileMaker Pro has expired. Click "Buy Now" to upgrade to a full version of FileMaker Pro". See attached screen shot.

           Has anyone seen this before or know how to work round it? I thought it may have been caused by a v12 trial I had installed but I get the same problem on a different machine. I've also tried Windows 7's compatibility features to run it under WinXP and Win2k, with no luck.

           The  Buy Now button on the prompt launches a local webpage that suggests I visit the store or look at the resellers page. The only problem with that is that FileMaker Pro 6 isn't available on the store, and the resellers page (http://www.filemaker.com/store/resellers.html) has a custom 404.

           I'm happy to buy v6 if necessary.


           Does anyone


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               Uninstall the FMP 6 and redo it using this link.




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                 Thanks Jim, I've uninstalled FMP 6 and re-installed using the version downloaded from the link you provided but it hasn't seemed to make any difference (I think it's the same installer).

                 This time round I installed it under an account that had local admin rights and installed it only for the that user. Still getting the same error message though.

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                   FileMaker is pretty thourough in their Software protection.  Do you have another "clean" computer to download FMP6 with that link with?



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                     I don't have one handy but I'll start imaging one now.

                     Does FMP6 run under Windows 7 OK? If there are issues with Win7 I can build a WinXP machine for this if it might help.

                     Alternatively, if anyone knows where I can buy FMP6 I'd probably just buy it. I had issues finding anywhere that had any copies available - Amazon 3rd party retailers were the only ones I could find but they won't ship outside the US unfortunately.

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                       Alright, it's looking a bit better. I installed FMP6 trial on another Win7 machine I had deployed here and found I had the same problem but when installing it on a Win7 machine that belongs to a different department (different NT domain, different group policies), it started OK.

                       Great! I say. Progress! Well, not quite. One file converts OK, but when trying to open any other .FM file and confirm that I want to convert it I get the following: "There was an error in conversion. The file was not converted".

                       I thought that it might even have been created in FMP 1.x but when opening all of these .FM files in FMP12, I get a message advising that it was created in FileMaker Pro v2.x and that it must be converted so v6 should work just fine, yes?

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                         Unfortunately I run MacOS, so I can't help with W7 information.

                         I have seen that message in a Bug post.  Since you mentioned a non- USA location, check your Keyboard settings versus USA keyboard.  Many times special characters in [ for example Finnish A with speacial mark like Å translated to a ' ] the file name caused a System error to be sent to FMP that the files was damaged.

                         Check your File name and make a copy with just Plain common Characters is this is the problem.

                         You might try to RECOVER the FMP 2 files before conversion to FMP6.

                         I do own a Licensed copy of FMP6 and might try to convert one of them for you, if all else fails

                         But... I only have Windows XP professional.sad


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                           I'm not sure that v6 can open v2 files. I seem to recall that there was a limit to how far back you can go with fmp 6 and am not sure what version was the oldest version that it could convert.

                           Given the extreme different in versions from v2 to v12, you may not gain much from the conversion. If you still have a version of FileMaker that can open the files without conversion, you may want to export all of your data into tab or csv file formats and only import the data into FMP12. The design and function of Fmp 2 layouts was very limited compared to what can be done with fmp12 anyway, plus the database files were not relational so there should be no relationships in the original design to recreate.

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                             @Phil the Link I showed in my first response says you can and actually will download a Win version of FMP6 trial to do it.

                             @ Paul  Phil makes a very good point.  FMP2 of 15+ years ago was more like the feable attempts of Speed sheet to do Databases and there are some major issues in those conversions too.  Note the section by that Link on just a few of the conversion problems.

                             Both Phil and I programmed those early versions of FMP.  I still am finding minor bugs after continuing development of FMP6 based DataBase.  Your time may be better spent with a new version using the Data Records from a exported data file.