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Error starting FileMaker Pro 6

Question asked by PaulRamage on Mar 21, 2013
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Error starting FileMaker Pro 6


     So I'm trying to run FileMaker Pro v6 (to convert files created in 2.x)  and I'm getting an error telling me that "This trial version of FileMaker Pro has expired. Click "Buy Now" to upgrade to a full version of FileMaker Pro". See attached screen shot.

     Has anyone seen this before or know how to work round it? I thought it may have been caused by a v12 trial I had installed but I get the same problem on a different machine. I've also tried Windows 7's compatibility features to run it under WinXP and Win2k, with no luck.

     The  Buy Now button on the prompt launches a local webpage that suggests I visit the store or look at the resellers page. The only problem with that is that FileMaker Pro 6 isn't available on the store, and the resellers page ( has a custom 404.

     I'm happy to buy v6 if necessary.


     Does anyone