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Error when executing AppleScript

Question asked by thomastudios on Apr 6, 2014
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Error when executing AppleScript


     For many years I have maintained an ever-growing database in FM that tracks our household inventory.  It's been very handy when looking up purchase date, installation issues, and especially, accessing PDF manuals.

     Recently the manual launch stopped working where before it was absolutely flawless.  It no longer works in FM 12 Adv or 13.

     I have a field that contains a calculated AppleScript command.  When you click on the field label, it executes (or is supposed to) and opens the specific manual in Acrobat Pro. But lately I've been getting an error stating "an unknown token can't go after this identifier"  ?????  Then a second error dialog blurts out "Unknown error: -2740.  I cannot find this error anywhere online.

     The calculated script reads "Spring Rock Inventory::Manual 1" in the Specify Calculation window and this refers to the specific field where the AppleScript resides.  If I run the AS separately on its own, it runs perfectly.  But from within FM, it upchucks the two error dialogs.

     Any and all help would be most appreciated.

     J D Thomas