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Error when trying to import data from a MS Access query on a MAC

Question asked by jjd231 on Dec 9, 2008


Error when trying to import data from a MS Access query on a MAC



First, I would like to thank you for your time while helping me with this question. My situation is as follows:

We currently have an Access database with a query that pulls multiple tables together resulting in the data I would like pulled into FileMaker. On the machines I have created ODBC connections and through FileMaker I am able to import this table into a table already created. I am importing matching fields from an MS Access query into the matching fields in a FileMaker table.

This works perfectly on a PC, but when I try to run the script on a MAC I get an error telling me the connection cannot be found. The ODBC connection on the MAC is set up properly and tested. The issue I have found is that if I try to edit the script and go into the Query builder my tables for my MS Access Db show up, but my queries do not. This is making FileMaker on the MACs think that what I'm importing does not exist.

Has anyone had a similar issue or know of a work around for this situation? Is it that FileMaker on a MAC does not recognize queries developed in MS Access?

I appreciate all and any information/suggestions on this problem.

Thank you again for your time!


edit: FileMaker Pro 9.0