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Errors when opening clients db

Question asked by LeMarque on Dec 14, 2009
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Errors when opening clients db


My first post and should mention my first time using FM.


I've created a CMS using Drupal for this client and need to populate a MySql database that they have been accomplishing previously by exporting certain fields to csv and then uploading to their old site and a flatflie db would read the csv and display search results.


Well the cms will also read the csv export but it requires certain additional fileds and I want to be sure the client and I are on the 'same page', so I asked them to send me their FM db. However, when I try to open it I get multiple errors such as the following:


'Addresses' could not be opened - not found



Then after clicking cancel thru the errors the db opens with the following error(s):


The previous script step 'open file' could not be completed because of an error. Do you wish to continue.


Clicking continue results in the same 'Addresses  ...' error. The db finally opens and I can browse the records but I'm concerned because of all the errors I'm receiving.


The db is approx 295KB in size and is a *.fp7


Can someone offer any help as to how the entire db, scripts and all should be saved or zipped up so I won't get these errors?


Thanks in advance