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Escaping Quotes when setting up Global Field

Question asked by JamesPeragine on Jan 31, 2015
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Escaping Quotes when setting up Global Field


I am using Filemaker server to host my file.  I am trying to avoid using global fields directly because if I have to update their default value I need to log everyone out and close the file to update the default value of the global field.  Instead I want to set the value of my global fields using Global Variables 

I've set up a script to run when my file starts that will add the HTML into a Global Variable and then use Set Field to enter the data into my Global Field.  

When I try to escape the code in my HTML using Quote ("HTML Code")  it includes the quote marks around the HTML when it enters the data into my global field.  


1) Why is it including the quote marks?

2) Is there a more effecient way to do this?