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ESS to Access Database

Question asked by rmittelman on Jan 29, 2014


ESS to Access Database


     I am trying to migrate a mature MS Access application to FMP. There is a front-end "program" database and several individual back-end school databases. Linked tables refreshed automatically when user selects a new school.

     In FM, all school data will be in the main database, and just filtered by school when user selects a school.  I assume that's the proper FM way to do it, right?

     Main challenge is for each school, student aid data is stored in an Access database for the school, which is supplied by federal government.  In current application, these database tables are linked to the "program" database when user selects a school. In FM, would be perfect to use ESS for read-only access to these federal tables, but it seems ESS won't work with Access.

     Any ideas for best practice to solve this issue?