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Est/Job/PO/Invoice Number

Question asked by RichMarkie on Jul 19, 2011
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Est/Job/PO/Invoice Number


Hi all, I need to create a database that has a common serial number across a few tables...

For instance - I want to create an estimate for a customer - when this estimate is created, the serial number E30000 is created. When the customer confirms this estimate to an order - I can raise a job from the estimate and the job number becomes 30000. When I raise a purchase order to a supplier for this job - the PO number is 30000-1 for the first PO and further PO's for this job move up -2, -3 etc. When I raise an invoice to the customer I also need the job number to move across but I30000.

I've had a search around for any links etc but can't work this one out...