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    Establishing Relationships



      Establishing Relationships


           I need help trying to understand this: I have a large list of referees. Some of the referees are evaluated (assessments). Some of the referees take a running & written test every year. I need a table for both assessments and tests to relate to the referee (it's own table). Some of the referees are instructors. Some referees are assessors. These need to be pulled out with sorts. I also monitor new classes taught by one of my instructors (linked) and requested by an assignor (a referee that needs to be linked). I've tried all kinds of combinations of how to set up tables and relationships but I just can't seem to figure it out.

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               Referees::__pkRefereeID = Tests::_fkRefereeID
               Referees::__pkRefereeID = Assessments::_fkRefereeID

               A check box field in Referees can identify which Referees are instructors and which are assessors. (I assume a referee can be both.)

               "Pulled out with sorts" seems a bit vague. I think you mean that you need to be able to pull up lists of Instructor Referees and Lists of Assessor Referees. this can be done by performing finds--either manually or in scripts. A relationship or a filtered portal can also be used to list Referees of a specified type.


               InstructingReferee::__pkRefereeID = RefereeClasses::_fkInstructorID
               ReferringReferee::__pkRefereeID = RefereeClasses::_fkReferreeingReferreeID

               For an explanation of my notation, see the first post of:Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

               Referees, InstructingReferee and ReferringReferee are all Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences? that refer to the same data source table.