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Estimate to Invoice

Question asked by BrettW on Nov 1, 2013
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Estimate to Invoice


     I am new to filemaker so I'm sure there is a simple way to do this but I can't find it. I have always used excel to do my invoicing and estimates but I think file make will offer me new options

     I have both estimates and invoices tables set up, each has basically the same fields (customer name, address, job name) and each uses portals to reference records in either the ESTMaterials table or INVMaterials table. Each estimate has a unique number (ESTNumber) and each invoice has a unique number (INVNumber) These numbers are also used to identify their records in either the estmaterials table to invmaterials table. The two materials tables each have the following fields. Material ID(unique for each record), ESTNumber (or INVNumber), Item Name, Unit Price, Quantity, and Totalcost(calculated field)

     I would like to write a script that would allow me to press a button while viewing and estimate and have all data (customer name, address, job name, and all related materials) copied to the invoice table and INVMaterials table and create a new Invoice record with unique INVNumber (INVNumber is set to create when new record created).  This would prevent me from having to re enter all information every time. 

     I need to keep the estimates and invoices as well as ESTMaterials and INVMaterials in separate tables because i would like to be able to change fields such as unit price and quantity on the invoice but still have the original estimate intact. Also data from these tables is used in other parts of my database. Also i write estimates that do not become invoices and invoices without estimates from time to time. 


     Thanks in advance for your help!