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    Estimating lookup



      Estimating lookup



      I am trying to get an estimating system down, but am stuck.

      I've attached a screenshot. Basically we have paper that we need to choose from in our estimating layout. we need to choose the paper and then the weight and then the price should show up. I've gone around and around getting the paper to show up and the weight, but the price doesn't change when I change the weight of the paper.

      Any suggestions?




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          Your screen shot shows two layouts, that are, presumably, based on two different tables. What relationship have you defined linking the two?

          I see a drop down list that I can guess is probably for selecting a type of paper. How is that value list set up? Is the field with 70 next to it the field that shows the specified weight of the paper?

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            Yes two layouts, two tables, related through Job Ticket (left table) "INSIDE_Paper Type" and Paper (right table) "Paper Description"

            yes secondary field refers to paper weight.

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              Matching by such text fields is not the optimum design here. If you later need to edit the text (maybe to correct a mistake), you break the link to related records in the other table. It's better to link by an auto-entered primary key value that never ever changes for the records of the field where the value is auto-entered.

              Do you have multiple records for each value of Paper::Paper Description--one for each possible weight of paper and each with a different price?

              If so, your relationship should match by both description and paper weight fields. The values for weight, which show a # character in one example and not the other, would need to match exactly. The paper weight field on the left could be set up with a conditional value list of only those values that are possible for the selected paper.

              The price can be a field that auto-enters the price from the related table.