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Etiquette - Where to place a Runtime

Question asked by dzittin on Jul 1, 2012
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Etiquette - Where to place a Runtime



My background is mostly Unix so I am not especially knowledgeable about where I should place an FM Pro runtime. I know that system-wide .exe files are placed in the Program Files folder. 

I have done this with my FM runtime during testing. However, the .USR file is going to grow and it will likely grow at a good clip from around 2.7 MB clean to perhaps more than 100 MB after the user adds data.

Two things bother my about placing the runtime in Program Files:

  1. It is not a usual place to store an ever growing data file.
  2. It is not usually backed up by users so a disk crash would mean a catastrophic loss of data
I need some advice from the community. Where should I install my RT? Can I install in Programfiles and do something like a symlink to the USR file and store that in \Documents and Settings\username\application data? How is this normally handled?
Thanks for the help!