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Evaluate a future version of FileMaker Pro

Question asked by user6549 on Jan 12, 2010
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Evaluate a future version of FileMaker Pro & Get a Free Copy of FileMaker Pro


Get a sneak peek of a future version of FileMaker Pro  and have your comments posted publicly on! We're looking for current users of FileMaker Pro who are willing to participate in a Marketing Evaluation Program focused on an upcoming version of FileMaker Pro. This is not a beta or bug evaluation program!  You must be willing to evaluate the software and provide your comments for use on and in the media.  Users whose comments are used on and media will receive a free copy of the latest version of FileMaker Pro.  


Interested parties should contact Kevin Mallon ( immediately using the subject heading of "I want to evaluate a future version of FileMaker"




Kevin Mallon

Senior Manager of Public Relations

FileMaker, Inc.