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Evaluate Three Yes/No Boxes to return Value

Question asked by bokenrosie on May 15, 2014
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Evaluate Three Yes/No Boxes to return Value


     I have three fields that have auto entry values of "No".

     I have a fourth field that I am using to provide a visual indication that the user has made changed the previous to "Yes" to indicate that they have taken some steps to check their work.

     I tried using an If statement:

     If ( PostCheck_Pub on Admin="No"  or PostCheck_Rename Campaign="No" or PostCheck_Remove DraftSample ; "No" ; "Yes" )

     It is not working as I think it should work - Surely I'm to blame.

     What I am looking for is to make ReadyToPost only show Yes when those three values are Yes.

     Thanks for the guidance.